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GoTYM is a mobile app that connects users with Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors and Massage Therapists for one-on-one sessions right from their iPhone.

Our app provides thoroughly vetted, best-in-class Providers at a time and location most convenient to your schedule. You can choose to schedule a same-day session, or make future bookings.

Whether you are interested in weight loss, recovering from an injury, or looking for sport specific training we have the professionals on our app to help you reach your goal.

Simply put, GoTYM delivers a premium wellness experience to anyone with an iPhone leaving no excuse to put your health on hold.


Personal Training is designed to help you define and achieve your fitness goals. Our Training Providers are certified in all aspects of training such as resistance training, kettlebell training, boxing, mixed martial arts and TRX to name only a few examples.

Personal Training isn’t limited to push-ups and heavy lifting routines. GoTYM Providers include world-class triathletes, marathon runners and swimmers. Novice or professional, our skilled team of Providers can be there for your next long training run, to help increase your efficiency in the pool or to help you with speed drills on the bike.

Participating in ongoing training will result in achieving your optimal form and function. GoTYM Providers come to you, leaving no excuse to put your best physical self on hold.

Personal Training is offered in 60 minute sessions.


Yoga is a very personal practice. Your desired yoga experience can change with each new day. Whether you are in need of a challenging flow sequence or meditative yin, a GoTYM Yoga Provider can meet you on your mat and guide you.

Increased flexibility and strength are only a few benefits that result from physical yoga practice. In addition, yoga has shown to calm the mind and offer a multitude of health benefits as a result of thoughtfully moving the breath through the body. No matter the goal, a GoTYM Provider delivers the one on one attention you need.

Enjoy your practice indoors, at a grassy park, or facing the ocean on the beach. Yoga can also be a wonderful add-on prior to a massage or post personal training.

Yoga is available in 60 minute and 75 minute sessions.


As we manipulate our bodies throughout the day our muscles become stressed and fatigued. Simple tasks such as using a computer, driving a vehicle or looking down at your cellphone force us into unnatural postures. Fatigued muscles left unattended overtime begin to compensate and the body misaligns. The result is discomfort, pain and injury. Massage Therapy is the original art of healing.

Enjoying a massage in the comfort of your home after a long day is the ultimate in relaxation. GoTYM Massage Providers are veterans in the industry; they have the experience necessary to restore balance in your body. Our massage offerings include, Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Sport, and Prenatal.

Massage is available in 60 minute, 90 minute, and 120 minute sessions.

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